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Alexi Schreier Realtor

Alexi has a genuine passion for real estate. He first got started in 2015 at a multifamily investment fund based in San Francisco after getting his license. There he learned how to handle the complexities of structuring 200+ unit apartment deals all over the country including putting together financing, analyzing investment fundamentals, and putting together teams of experts to manage and rehabilitate each property. 

Since then he has been building a portfolio of his own investment property and has transitioned to helping people buy and sell their homes.

To him, real estate is so much more than purchase contracts and mortgages. What truly drives him is delivering excellent service to his clients and making sure every one of their needs and desires are met. He understands the value of building long-lasting relations with everyone he works with and makes it his mission to exceed their expectations.

Over the years he has learned how to negotiate efficiently by understanding what is important to each party involved and providing solutions that benefit all sides. He knows that each transaction is different and strives to figure out ways to navigate around obstacles and come to favorable outcomes for his clients.

With his international background and positive outlook, he has a facility for finding common ground with people from all walks of life. As a French-American he is fluent in both languages and although he has lived most of his life in the US, he has also spent a few years in France as well as Canada.

You can contact him at any time to get an update on the market, talk about your next home sale or purchase, or ask anything related to real estate. He will be happy to provide value in any way he can.

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