Buyer Tips

Buyer's Moving Schedule

Countdown to Moving Day!

Moving can be one of the most stressful parts of the home buying and selling process. We have broken down steps to help you prepare with plenty of time so you're not up late the night before closing trying to get everything done. Use this helpful guide to get organized so you can relax and enjoy your new place. 

Week #4

  • Call for estimates from 3 professional movers.
  • Draw a floor plan of your new home.
  • Call the Chamber of Commerce in your new town for their “residential informational packet.”

Week #3

  • Inventory all possessions now. Decide what to move, sell, replace or donate.
  • Complete US Postal change of address online
  • Obtain copies of all medical, dental, legal, accounting, and vet records.
  • Transfer records between schools on both ends of the move.
  • Ask tax advisor to review your potential moving related tax deductions and potential tax liability.
  • Itemize moving related costs with mover, including packaging, loading, special charges, insurance, etc.

Week #2

  • Repair, send out for re-upholstery, or clean furniture, drapes, carpet if needed.
  • Advertise a garage/yard/tag sale to dispose of unneeded furniture, accessories, clothes, etc.
  • If a professional mover is packing your goods, schedule packing days 1 or 2 days before the move.
  • If you move yourself, order adequate boxes, packing material, and tape now.
  • Make travel arrangements for pets, including necessary medical records.

Week #1

  • Assemble sufficient supply of packing materials and equipment.
  • Pack items you won’t use immediately or that will go in storage.
  • Contact utilities on both ends of the move.
  • Confirm final travel arrangements for family and pets.

1-3 Days Before Closing

  • Confirm utilities will be connected for the day of closing.
  • Review all lender documents.
  • Obtain wiring instructions from the closing company (with wire fraud at an all time high, go in to the closing company and pick up)
  • Review the final Closing Disclosure with your Realtor.
  • Wire closing funds to the closing agent and confirm receipt.

Closing Day

  • Final walk through- Make sure all Seller items have ben removed from the house and inspected all systems before going to closing. Sign “Walk Through” sheet!
  • You need to have your driver’s license or passport.
  • The closing office will have a lot of paperwork for you to review and sign, don't be afraid to ask questions! Keep a note pad with you, there will be dates and tips from the closing agent about Homestead your first mortgage payment, taxes, insurance etc. 

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